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Abhayam is a rehabilitation centre that helps those suffering with addiction by providing free medical treatment, professional counselling and a safe place to recover.

In Bangalore, India, addiction is a major contributor to the city’s poverty. The poor are the worst affected, taking cheap drugs which can cause serious, and often fatal, physical damage. Addiction cripples families financially, which often leads to further drug abuse and creates a vicious cycle of poverty.

Into the midst of addiction comes Abhayam, a rehabilitation centre that embodies it’s Sanskrit meaning: a place of comfort. The project offers free, 24/7 residential care to both men and women, providing medical treatment and professional counselling. Residents are also given essential job and life skills training, and vocational training including classes in music, craft and cooking.

Thanks to Abhayam founders Laly and Albert – who have more than ten years of experience working among addicts – people who are broken, helpless and powerless find comfort, hope and an opportunity to make their lives count.

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