When I was a baby, I was living with many other homeless children on Kolkata’s Howrah train station. I was rescued when I was about two-years-old, and brought to a children’s home run by a local church. I am told I was so small that I could only be bottle fed. I found it really challenging living among the other boys and new brothers. But, over time, I settled in and started to appreciate this new experience of family. I also started studying at a formal school every day.

When my time came to leave the boys home, I certainly knew that I would not be able to pursue higher education. I was also very worried that I wouldn’t be able to manage the cost of living alone, and I had nowhere to go for help.

Now I have a family, and I am living a healthy, happy life.

That was when I became a part of RAMP. Now I have a flat that I share with a number of friends. I am a student training in Electronics and Engineering at the George Telegraph Training Institute, and a part-time Barista at a very well respected coffee shop in the city. When I needed dental work done, I didn’t need to rely on RAMP for support but arranged it all myself and covered my own medical expenses, which is something I wouldn’t have been able to do before.

When I was little, my life was useless. I had no hope, no life and no future. No proper shelter to live in. No food to eat. No relationship with others. No family support. No one to love. Now I have a family, and I am living a healthy, happy life.