Hello Dear Readers,

This is a brief story about my life. I hail from a pure, orthodox, traditional Hindu family with numerous rules and regulations. My father could not run the family because of his financial condition and mental instability. Therefore my mother had to go away to earn a living for us, but she was not even allowed to do that. As part of the orthodox Hindu tradition, to be a housewife who worked outside of the home meant that everyone would look down on her and her family and my father would not allow that.

Eventually, after many family issues and disturbances, my mum decided to get a divorce and went to Mumbai to work as a cook to support us. My Father and his family took responsibility for my brother, and my Mum chose me while I stayed with my Grandmother. As a single woman, my Mother tried her best to provide all my extra needs. At this point of time I was going through a lot of mental disturbances, hopelessness and failures in my life – there was a lot of discouragement from family members, and even abusive insults, due to my parents’ separation – but God was faithful, and in 2011 He brought me to a children’s home so I could concentrate on studying.

It is my wish to tell people about how much their existence is significant in this world.

In the children’s home, things were difficult for me to manage at first. I was in a new place, with new people, a new culture, and new rules and regulations. Everything was different and new for me, and I missed my family and friends. But God healed me from the inside out, and everything got better for me. I believe completely that God is my true love and He is teaching me to live boldly and confidently. God is strengthening me to press on with my life leaning on Him and I am trying to obey that.

Now, with the help of RAMP, I have been reunited with my Mother in Mumbai so I can complete my studies. The sudden shift for me from Kolkata to Mumbai is not easy, things are again very different – I have travelled away from my friends, and am in a new University with new people, food, cultures and languages. But I am grateful to stay in my mother’s company after such a long time.

RAMP has helped me in providing all the educational requirements for my studies, and I am being supported to complete my degree in Psychology. I hope to make use of this subject by becoming a counsellor. It is my wish to tell people about how much their existence is significant in this world. Therefore, I am very thankful to RAMP because it helps me to pursue my wishes and dreams. And lastly thank you so much once again for everything. Please keep us in your prayers.

Thank you