Through safe housing, financial aid and essential life skills training, RAMP plays a facilitative role in helping young people to become independent, self-sufficient adults.

While there are many incredible projects that support children living in poverty, all-too often young people graduate from these programmes lacking the life skills and financial and emotional support they need to prevent slipping back into their former lives. RAMP was founded by Pursuit with the help of EMC in response to this need, supporting vulnerable young people over the age of 18 to become independent, self-sufficient adults. RAMP works holistically, taking into account the breadth of different needs each young person has in order to bring about positive changes in their lives, their families and their communities.

We generate the money needed to enable these individuals to take the next step in their education, be it going to University or beginning vocational training. We also ensure they have a safe place to live, and the opportunity to learn essential life skills such as cooking, cleaning and budgeting. RAMP is passionate about playing a facilitative role, encouraging our young people to make the best of the opportunities we provide, without becoming dependent on the support of such projects. A mentor provides opportunities for accountability, as well as emotional and spiritual care in a healthy and safe environment.

Since September 2015, RAMP has launched a programme working with some inspiring young men and women. We currently support 11 young people.

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