I was born Kolkata, and my mother and I were very poor. When I was just a month old, a kerosene lamp exploded in our small home, and I suffered very severe burns down one side of my body. I nearly lost my life in this accident, and my mother could not afford the treatment. However, a local project intervened and helped us to access the care I needed. I am very fortunate to have survived. Through meeting the people who ran this project, my mother secured a job working in one of their kitchens, and I was enrolled in a school they ran.

I am very fortunate to have survived.

At first, school life was tough. I was badly teased for the scarring on my face and body, and struggled to feel a part of this new community. For me, this all changed as I developed a personal faith. I came to learn about God’s word. I heard that we are all very beautiful in His eyes, because He looks at our heart, not the outer parts of our body. Those words touched me, and it changed my life.

As time went on, I grew in confidence and finished school. But I still faced many challenges, as I could not afford to continue my studies as I had hoped. But that’s when Pursuit helped me by making me part of RAMP, which helps me in every way. RAMP is not just somewhere I get financial help, but a place where I get encouragement for my future.

I am in the process of completing my B.Com honours in Accounts, and have even started some specialist training on the side. I am now looking forward to the next step in my career.