My name is Subhendu.

I was born in a poor family. My father had a small roadside stall selling flowers but he used to spend most of his money on drinking, so there were certain necessities the family had to go without. My sister stayed in a home for girls so I was the only child around the house, and even though my parents got me into a government-run school I wasn’t there very long. After that I started going to the local market where my father used to sell flowers and I spent my day there with him – but who knew God had a different plan for me?

After a few years, a man came to my father and asked: “Why don’t you put your son in a boys’ home where he will be provided with a proper education?” A few days later I moved into the a boys’ home, run by a local community project. However, because I was too young to stay there, they moved me into the Pauline Bhavan children’s home and from there my life started changing. I got a proper education in an English medium school – somewhere I never dreamt of going as my parents would never have been able to afford it. I began to receive everything that a child needs, especially a relationship with God.

When I lost my dad everything felt hopeless but God helped me in every way.

My family came to visit me every month and I went to visit them three times a year. I remember when I used to visit my family on vacation, my dad hugged me and I knew how much he loved me. But a few years after I moved out of my parents’ home my father passed away. I was especially heartbroken because my dad loved me a lot, and it meant my mum, who had been a housewife, had to start working. But God never let us go, and he was always there beside us. When I lost my dad everything felt hopeless but God helped me in every way. I have learnt one thing; that when we lose something – our precious loved ones – God isn’t taking them away because He wants to give us pain. He reminds us of His promises to be with us all our lives as our father.

As I grew up, things became tougher. I turned 12 and moved back to the boys home and this change was a big thing for me because Anandoloy was for bigger guys. But I decided to continue to stay there because I had no other option. So life was difficult for a while but soon I adjusted to the rules which turned out to be helpful, and after a few years I was made a leader at the home. I was given responsibility to look after the younger boys in the home and share God’s word with them every day.

After I graduated year 10 I went back to my family as I was too old to continue to stay at Anandaloy. This worried me a lot because I wanted to study further and I knew if I went back I wouldn’t be able to pursue my higher education with just support from my family. I shared this with Jane’, who is like a brother to me, and he told me about RAMP, a project Pursuit had set up to help vulnerable young people to become independant and self-sufficient. When I heard that I could be a part of it one day I knew God had brought me here, and he would help me.

The RAMP programme for boys wasn’t ready yet so I went back to my family for a while. This was really hard for me as I hadn’t been back for 11 years, but still somehow I managed to graduate year 11. So even though this time was difficult, I trusted in God because of the differences He has made in my life and I am sure He will use me for His purposes in the days to come.

After I finished year 11, the RAMP boys flat was set up and ready for me to join. When I told my family about this project, I told them that God had provided us with everything, and they were very happy. Now I can complete my studies through RAMP! I want to study business management so that I can have a business of my own, and have a stable source of income to support myself and my family. I am also very busy now, selling flowers from the market stall my Grandmother owns and trying to grow the business.

I also have a dream to help someone just as I was helped. I’m very thankful to all the supporters for helping me to fulfil my and my family’s dream, but above all I want to thank God for everything and His unconditional love for me.