I was born in a large slum community in Kolkata. Drug abuse was very common in my community, and I became an addict from a very early age. My life during this time felt meaningless, and my family suffered because of my bad behaviour. I remember the many complaints from neighbours that my parents had to face, and feeling intense shame.

A local church community project intervened, and gave me the chance to go through rehab and join a boys’ home. My whole lifestyle changed. I started to respect others, I learnt to manage my emotions, and I began to be sensitive to the emotions of others.

RAMP has helped me to face all life’s difficulties on my own.

Eventually I had to leave the home as I was too old to stay there, and I was very worried about the impact that returning to my old community would have. I would be returning to my old friends, and lots of them were still addicted. I was also worried that my family would struggle financially with me there, as they were not earning.

Fortunately, this is when I joined RAMP. I am currently undergoing vocational training in electronics, and have secured a part-time job. RAMP has helped me to face all life’s difficulties on my own. I have learnt to adjust to different situations and the people around me. It has helped me to get back up and fight when I am knocked down. My dream is to see RAMP growing. I hope that one day I can support my family, and that they will be proud of me.